Ah. Socks Love Rub.

Steven Hartsock has created a brand and a product that I LOVE!

I met Steven at a BBQ competition. Steven is a friend, and I am so blessed that God gave me the opportunity to stand behind and watch him work. He’s taken talents and passions and created a brand that blesses sooo many people. I just happen to be a long for the ride some!

We launched SocksLoveRub.com v1.0 years ago and it was a place for him to sell 1 seasoning. It allowed him to be able to showcase where his seasoning was being sold.

Fast forward a few years and he has many retailers selling his products, but is also doing a nice online business selling a full line of seasonings and sauces. Also, the website has helped connect people to him. He does a lot of catering now and continues to win new fans.

It’s a fairly simple e-commerce site, for a fairly simple guy, who has a fairly simple product… but the story behind Socks Love Rub is anything but simple. Ask him one day about it.

I bet you’ll become a fan and love some of the seasoning too!

Socks Love Rub