I’m so excited that Lisa Meyer decided to start writing on a regular basis. She is a Christian counselor in Cumming, Georgia and I’ve also helped her with her practice website, but when Lisa told me that she wanted something that could be a personal website for her occasional thoughts and somewhere she could put materials for the folks who she has a circle of influence, I was happy to help.

Honestly, this is a blog that we customized a theme. Not much more than that, but the content is so great and she uses it to post Bible study notes for various studies that she herself leads.

OK, let me take off my ‘friend’ hat and put on my ‘marketing consultant’ hat.

What’s great about her personal blog is that it drives traffic to her practice. I am confident that one of the best things you can do as a small business is show who you are. Show your passions, your frustrations, be transparent… If I happen to be looking for counseling and I came across her practice website (which links to her personal blog) I can learn so much more about the person who I would be seeking care and assistance. Lisa can present herself as a real and caring and kind person through consistent writing and blogging.

Content marketing… yes, but back to putting the ‘friend’ hat on… Lisa’s posts and content is refreshing to me as it often is inspirational. I can tell she’s put thoughts to her words, and that often those words speak to me on a personal level. Not preachy, but it makes me pause and consider them.

If you think you’d like to write more… Do it! It doesn’t have to be every day. Just start and see where it takes you.