Of all the recent projects that I’ve worked on, I gotta admit… Fancy Belles is one of my favorites. It has a lot of complexity built in, but it looks incredible. Very usable. Very pretty. Very professional. It’s funny that I have a site devoted to knives… and then I have a this site!

Fancy Belles is a company in Dacula, Georgia which provides customized apparel. Their audience is most definitely female, but their brand is cool. The folks who run it are awesome and fun.

We started off taking a very challenging and already strong ETSY company, and moved to a stand alone website. Fancy Belles already has a strong following, but why continue to pay etsy fees. It was time to move to a website that can stand alone and that everyone could be proud of.

So, right there, we had challenges. Hundreds of pre-existing products. Dozens of customization/variation types which are all able to be selected and submitted by customers. Complex pricing and inventory controls. Since I’m a guy who grew up loving the retail world… This stuff really is fun!

And the fancy belles are stepping up to blogging and more social media… showing off their passions and creating a tribe of followers, there is no way that they won’t be extremely successful in this site. Hopefully, down the road, the etsy site can be turned off and all transactions can happen here.

Fancy Belles