You can’t get more niche than Diamond Del!

Del Allen started Diamond Del’s Gem Mining Adventure to teach children about geology. A mobile Gem Mine can come to kids and teach about rocks, minerals and basic gem mining. He provides this educational experience as an on-site experience. The mobile gem mine is able to provide fun and learning about geology in school, after school, day care and parties.

Over time, Del has been able to add instructors all over the south east with instructors in Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina, Tennessee and Louisiana. Teachers are able to go on and request more information but also sign up for dates and times for an instructor to come to them.

Most of Del’s marketing is word of mouth. Instructors are so pleased with the educational experience that their kids have received, that they share with other educators and parents. During the school year, field trips and gem mine requests fill up quick.

In addition to the website and interaction that is able to take place on it, Del uses the website for some before and after instructional videos which are available for teachers and kids. It’s such a smart way to offer a little more than just the same day experience.

It’s exciting to see someone use their passions about rocks as both a business, but also as a way to educate kids!

Maybe you want a Mobile Gem Party. I often have considered going to one myself!

Diamond Del Gem Mining Adventure