Being completely transparent, Knife.Place is a property which, I am very close to. I am one of the faces that you’ll see on the site reviewing the knives. It is in a lot of ways an experimental e-commerce site. Why does the world need another website that sells knives? Well, it probably doesn’t… but using strategic social media, a strong content strategy and search engine optimization and search engine marketing, we believe that we’ll be able to convert site visitors to site fanatics. We believe the goal of getting folks to click the “Buy it Now” button will be met.

Knife.Place is using video reviews as a means to display hard to find, discontinued knives, but also relying on personalizing the content that is presented on the site. I often consult my web clients to do everything that they can to personalize and showcase the passions that they have for their product. By doing this, and by being a leader,  you’re creating a tribe which can follow and help promote the product.

I also got to do some brand creation on this project. The logo was created by me and I’m actually pretty proud of it…even though first folks who looked at it, thought it was a pelican head 🙂

Knife.Place is evidence that a website is never done. It should constantly be improved and added to. It’s been fun to be a part of this startup.

Knife Place Logo