Not all websites are E-commerce. Not all folks need a Website to sell a widget. In fact, most of the folks I talk to about Websites needs for their small businesses, just need a solid presence online so that their customers can find them.

When I spoke to Fonda Hart on the phone (because she’s in Fresno, California and I’m in Duluth, Georgia) I understood her challenges. She needed to be found. I understood her challenges of dealing with directory search websites.

She’s an incredible lady who wants to help folks who are considering counseling. Whether they are seeking counseling to improve relationships, enhance life skills, or seeking healing through the deeper work of psychotherapy, she wants to be there to help.

Recently, she has begun focusing on neurofeedback and specifically using BrainPaint as neurofeedback in Fresno, California. Fonda Hart was the first authorized BrainPaint provider in the Central Valley, and she has been influential in getting other providers started using this software and approach to care.

Fonda Hart - Fresno Counseling