Want to read a good Zombie novel? Look up Jay Wilburn.

Jay Wilburn writes A LOT. He is probably writing something right now as I am adding his site to my portfolio page.

JayWilburn.com is an e-commerce site and a platform for him to write/blog too. He lists his events and promotes the horror genre on his site too as he highlights other writers.

I’ve known Jay and his family for many years, and love that he left his job as a school teacher to write. That was his passion and he decided one day to make it happen. Following him through the years has been inspiring to me. Don’t get turned off by the zombie part. He’s a highly creative individual who also writes both long format and web content. He understands things like keyword density and optimization.

While I didn’t help design the site, I’ve helped with some of the behind the scenes customization on the site.

Jay Wilburn Writer