One of the first websites which I had the opportunity to create when I started doing web marketing on my own, was

Why? Because I knew Barry Clark. I’ve known him for probably a decade now. Most folks will meet Barry, and think he’s a little odd… Sorry, Barry… You know it’s true 🙂

But when you get past that first impression and spend a little time with him, you learn that he’s got a HUGE heart and LOVES what he does.

Dog Houses. That’s his bread and butter and the product that allows him to get in locally owned hardware stores and pet supply stores across the state. His products are designs which are well thought out. It’s a family design that has been passed on and he pours a lot of sweat and passion into each one.

I created to give Barry a platform that shows him off in a more professional way than just showing up with a truck and trailer does. Barry is such a hard worker and is a one man team. He hustles for his craft. I wanted to give him an online reputation that showed prospective stores who he was… because once you’ve had a long relationship with him selling his products, you realize he values his personal reputation A LOT!

The website is a place for customers to find him with dealer look up, but is just the tip of the iceberg. He does a fantastic job of promoting stores who carries his products.

And… he builds a premium product. It will last. You can’t get these products at big box stores.