Nothing that I did here. This one is all on Brad Geohagan and God. Brad takes talents given to him and has created beautiful crosses which he sells across the country (and I think I can say world.)

OK, so I did help build a site. And it’s a very effective e-commerce website. I have created mechanisms for transaction and have created ways for customers to personalize/customize their purchases, I’ve helped Brad navigate the complexities of payment gateways and security certificates, we’ve had to deal with malware and brute force attacks… but in the end, God has blessed his work and has given him a platform to create custom cross designs which are highly sought after.

Divine Crosses has a great following on social media. Brad has taken my recommendations of personalizing his business. He has made it transparent that he’s a one man shop that is creating these custom wooden crosses one at a time. As you get to know him on a personal level, you learn that he’s not just mass producing… he painstakingly prays and considers each transaction. It’s relational and not transactional. I LOVE THAT!

We’ve had to develop ways to create waiting lists for his crosses. We’ve had to pray together as we release inventory on the site and hope that the hosting holds together as customers rush to place orders. When’s the last time you’ve had a ‘vendor’ do that with you? Divine Crosses, and Brad is one of those success stories that I love because we’re in it together. I’m able to bring my talents and Brad brings his. We celebrate wins together!

Go check out the site. Not for the code and design. Look at it for the products which Brad sells, but more than that, look at the heart and passion behind it.

Custom Wooden Crosses - Divine Crosses Website