I am the Director of Marketing with Howard Brothers a locally owned, multiple location retailer in Atlanta and North Georgia. Everything that I do as a marketer is to use the HowardBrothers.com website as the hub of information.

This latest version of Howard Brothers website which was launched in Early 2016, was architected to be a site which would be flexible enough to grow, but also would be optimized for local search. Usability and architecture was wrestled with before we ever wrote a line of code. Content was completely rewritten from previous site versions.

Because Howard Brothers has multiple departments (Hardware, Power Equipment Sales, Power Equipment Service, and Power Equipment Parts) and has multiple highly sought after premium brands, we need a platform to create content. Content increases our searchability. It drives customers to our website and ultimately to our stores.

Howard Brothers has e-commerce capability baked in which allows for product catalogs and improves search and usability.

Everything from design to social media to video production to much content is included in this website. I live, breathe, analyze and continue to develop strategy to drive traffic to website and stores.


Howard Brothers Website